A 21st Century Campus

The world for which we are preparing our children has changed dramatically in recent years. Many Meadowbrook students will one day pursue careers that don’t yet exist in fields that have yet to be created. To prepare them for future success, we must teach them to think nimbly and creatively, and to solve problems with innovative, collaborative methods. This approach requires dynamic learning environments that accommodate the forward-thinking, hands-on teaching methods our faculty members employ.

Meadowbrook’s current classrooms were built to an outmoded approach to teaching that has been largely replaced by an emphasis on group-oriented, project-based learning. If our faculty are to continue delivering the exceptionally high-caliber education our families expect – and our students deserve – we must undertake several vital renovations and additions to our campus. The Imagine More campaign will secure the resources needed to fund these essential improvements – creating a world of possibilities for our faculty, staff, and students.


Former Headmaster Steve Hinds shares his ideas on the importance of a robust endowment for Meadowbrook.


Opening Doors to Discovery

Innovation Center

Meadowbrook has achieved national recognition for its groundbreaking EurekaLab curriculum. Our students employ innovative tools and techniques on a daily basis, bringing their projects to life with a 3D printer or exploring subject matter in greater depth using iPads. Through the campaign, we will create a new Innovation Center to serve as a permanent home for these activities with multipurpose areas for Makers activities, woodworking, engineering, digital media, and robotics.



For the first time, Meadowbrook’s lower and middle school classrooms will be joined to form an integrated science hub that connects directly to the Innovation Center. Students and faculty will have access to equipment and space for conducting experiments and constructing prototypes, projects, and models. A central hallway joining the classrooms will feature space for displaying student projects.

Learning Commons

The area currently occupied by the library will be transformed into a central gathering place for our community, with space for close collaboration among students, faculty, and staff. The Academic Commons will serve as a focal point for the campus, with a central rotunda that connects directly to the Innovation Center, a redesigned library, and new science classrooms. A community kitchen will enable parents and faculty to prepare snacks for parties and events; a multipurpose Think Room, available to all members of the community, will feature whiteboard walls for brainstorming. 


Even in today’s digital era, allowing students to expand their minds and stimulate their curiosity with physical books remains one of Meadowbrook’s core values. Our spacious new library will offer reading nooks and dedicated study rooms, along with rooms for group projects and a storytime area for younger children. The library will also house our technology department, including a help desk and computer science training room.

Lower and Middle School Classrooms

Learning at Meadowbrook involves much more than students sitting in rows listening to teachers lecture; it also happens in small groups where students work together and get their hands dirty, devising their own solutions to problems through trial and error. Additional classrooms with flexible breakout spaces will support this model, promoting creative collaboration during class time. A new lower school wing will group classrooms together along an expanded hallway, allowing for easier navigation and increased interaction across grades. Because we currently lack sufficient classroom space for the Middle School, relocating our labs to the new science hub will free up additional space for middle school classrooms on the lower level.

Admissions Wing

In order to ensure that we continue to attract bright, promising students, our dedicated admissions staff requires additional space for testing, interviews, and other essential activities. Renovations made possible by the campaign will open up space in our administration wing, which will be transformed into an inviting new admissions area that provides a warm and welcoming environment for prospective families.