Imagining – and Achieving – 
A Bright Future 

A look at how the Imagine More campaign will secure Meadowbrook's future and create much-needed additional space.



Campus Renovations | $25 million

The Steve Hinds Faculty
Support Program |
$5 million

Financial Assistance | $5 million

Total Goal | $35 million

For almost a century, the Meadowbrook School has provided an unparalleled K-8 education to eager, curious young people, setting– and consistently clearing – a high bar for academic success while maintaining a caring and supportive learning environment. 

Part of Meadowbrook’s success results from our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. Imagine More: The Campaign for Meadowbrook represents not only one of the boldest initiatives we have undertaken as an institution, but also a necessary step toward positioning Meadowbrook to thrive in decades to come. Thanks to the vision and generosity of past supporters, we are launching the Imagine More campaign from a place of strength – and in doing so, inviting our entire community to dream big and imagine more of what we can achieve for our school and our children.

Imagine More encompasses two major strategic objectives: renovating our campus [link to Campus page] to better prepare our students for a changing world, and growing Meadowbrook’s endowment through increased faculty support [link to Faculty page] and enhanced financial assistance. [link to Financial Assistance page]

We’re counting on the support of a broad cross section of our community to reach our ambitious – yet attainable – $35 million goal. With the help of past and current parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, we can ensure a bright future for Meadowbrook – and for our students.